Sands Style, US edition (Bethlehem)

Winter 2016


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style eDItOR Mike Hodgkinson Deputy eDItOR Mercedes Hutton sub-eDItORs Gary Jones, Richard Lord cOntRIbutORs Rachel Garrahan, Bex & Nic Gaunt, Matt Jacob, Anson Lau, Robin Lynam, Mathew Scott, Thane Tierney, T.R. Witcher, Olivier Yoan cReatIve DIRectOR Patt Sham DesIgn DIRectOR Teresita Khaw senIOR aRt DIRectOR Haymond Yip phOtOgRaphy DIRectOR Gillian Nadel phOtO RetOucheR Melanie Jam pRODuctIOn ManageR Gemini Hui pRODuctIOn OffIceR Sidney Kwok assIstant pRODuctIOn OffIceR Ray Tam eDIpResse MeDIa hOng KOng ltD. publIsheR – custOM MeDIa Petula Kincaid u.s. sales DIRectORs Terri Reed senIOR cIRculatIOn OffIceR Wilson Ma sales tRaffIc OffIceR Ann Chan ceO – hOng KOng, Macau & se asIa Zita Ong chIef cReatIve OffIceR Sean Fitzpatrick geneRal ManageR – publIshIng seRvIces Anne Mok eXecutIve chaIRMan Michel Lamunière cfO – asIa Ida Cheung fInance ManageR Karen Tsang las vegas sanDs cORp. chaIRMan & chIef eXecutIve OffIceR Sheldon G. Adelson pResIDent & chIef OpeRatIng OffIceR Robert Goldstein glObal chIef MaRKetIng OffIceR David Horton senIOR vIce pResIDent – cOMMunIcatIOns Ron Reese DIRectOR – aDveRtIsIng anD bRanD ManageMent Jack Bonner ManageR – cOMMunIcatIOns Joe Ham Published quarterly by las vegas sands corp. in association with edipresse Media Hong Kong liMited 6/F, Guardian house, 32 oi Kwan road, wanchai, hong Kong tel (852) 2547 7117 FaX (852) 2858 2671 editorial enQUiries advertising enQUiries Printed by quad/Graphics, international headquarters, n61 w23044 harry's way, sussex, wi 53089-3995. tel 888 782 3226 all rights reserved, copyright © 2016 edipresse Media hong Kong limited the venetIan® I the palaZZO® pResIDent & chIef OpeRatIng OffIceR George Markantonis chIef MaRKetIng OffIceR Lisa Marchese vIce pResIDent – MaRKetIng Rian Kirkman vIce pResIDent – publIc RelatIOns Alyssa Anderson eXecutIve DIRectOR – publIc RelatIOns Keith Salwoski sanDs® casInO ResORt bethleheM pResIDent Mark Juliano vIce pResIDent – MaRKetIng Kathy McCracken DIRectOR – aDveRtIsIng & bRanD MaRKetIng Julia Corwin ManageR – aDveRtIsIng & bRanD MaRKetIng Megan Verholy EdiprEssE Group is a proud member of

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